Submitting Disclosure of Your Technology

You need to submit the details of your invention or innovation to the TTO via an Invention Disclosure Form after logging into your account. This submission shall include various sponsors of the research, if any and requires details of the technology being developed, some of its potential uses, potential customers, and allied inventions or products existing in the market place. All this is necessary to pursue IP protection and scout for potential commercialization partners. In case the inventor wishes to pursue his / her own startup based on the invention, it also needs to be declared in the form. If all the required information is not known upfront, TTO staff can assist you to fill the form.

First Step to Commercializing Your Technology

Inventors should submit the Invention Disclosure Form as early as possible in the inventive process, before a public disclosure of the idea or invention. The disclosure form needs specific information that helps evaluate invention’s patentability and commercial potential.

If you are disclosing Biological Material, please use the Disclosure Form for the Biological Materials.

If you are disclosing software code, use the Software Disclosure Form.

Copyrights and Trademarks

If you are disclosing copyright and trademark materials, please use the Other Disclosure Form and select “Other” as your form type. Please contact the TTO at [email protected] with any queries or clarifications.