IPR Services

TTO’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) services encompass a range of offerings related to the protection and management of various intellectual property assets. Here’s an elaboration of IPR services specific to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and industrial designs: 

  1. Patent Services: 

Patentability Search: Conducting thorough searches to assess the novelty and patentability of inventions. The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) provides customized search services tailored to the specific needs of our clients, utilizing accessible databases to deliver comprehensive and targeted results.

  • Patent Drafting: Crafting detailed and legally sound patent applications to secure protection.
  • Patent Filing: Managing the process of filing patent applications with relevant patent offices.
  • Patent Prosecution: Navigating the examination and response process with patent offices.
  • Patent Portfolio Management: Strategically managing a portfolio of patents for maximum value.
  • Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) Analysis: Evaluating potential legal risks associated with launching a new product or service.

2. Industrial Design Services:

  • Design Search: Conducting searches to assess the uniqueness and registrability of industrial designs.
  • Industrial Design Filing: Managing the filing and registration process with relevant authorities.
  • Design Portfolio Management: Strategically managing a portfolio of registered industrial designs.

3. Trademark Services:

  • Trademark Search: Conducting comprehensive searches to ensure the availability and registrability of trademarks.
  • Trademark Registration: Assisting in the filing and registration of trademarks with relevant authorities.

4. Copyright Services:

  • Copyright Registration: Assisting in the registration of original works of authorship for enhanced protection.

5. Geographical Indication:

  • GI registration: Assisting in the registration of GI.