Technology Licensing

Licenses for Technologies, that are protected by IP, it could be both patented and copyrighted inventions, that have the potential to turn into commercially successful products are granted by the Technology Transfer Office at KIIT-TBI after due considerations and discussions with the potential licensees. The licenses are granted to both existing businesses as well as startup or spinout companies who have technical, and can gather financial capability to develop and market for these early-stage technologies.

We invite industry experts and consultants to have a look at and explore selected KIIT-TBI TTO technologies available for licensing.

Early-Stage Technologies (< TRL 5)

Some of our technologies, as indicated in the available technologies list, are early stage, having only a Proof of Concept or a Prototype, and it requires substantial development efforts by the licensee before a commercial product can be launched in the market. Therefore, we encourage the businesses to explore these technologies from the perspective of their technology strength as well as long-term strategic growth plans.

Ready for Market Technologies (> TRL 7)

Some technologies that have matured through immense efforts by the inventors, have been validated in the field trials or with the actual potential customers. Such technologies have been endorsed by the customers. The licensee is expected to scale the production of the product and take it to market. For such licenses the financial strength of the business is required and becomes a prime parameter in the grant of license.

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of Licenses require licensees to invest sufficient time and money in product development, wherever so required. Most of the licenses have provisions like exclusivity, field of use, sub-licensing, territorial use, division of patent rights and are discussed thoroughly upfront with the potential licenses. Ongoing royalties and other terms are also discussed to suit a licensee’s needs and the market acceptance potential of specific technology being licensed. To ensure that the licenses are actually honoured and development or market sales carried out by the licensees, suitable provisions are included in the license as performance guarantee by the licensee.