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Bringing Innovations to Market Place

Development of endophyte-based biopesticides for pre and post-harvest soft-rot disease management

Inventor: Dr R. Aswati Nair, CUK, Kasaragod, India.

SecureSound: Real-Time Ai based Foetal Sex Selective Physiology Censoring Image Processing Software for Ultrasound Video Output

Inventor: Abhishek Biswas, PurplAS IT Services, Kolkata, WB.

Sepil - A herbal wound healing potent antiseptic

Inventor: Dr Vikas Gautam, PGIMER, Chandigarh, PB.

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About Us

KIIT TBI TTO is one of the five TTOs established in the country under National Biopharma Mission’s objective of establishing Technology Transfer facilitation centres for the innovators, researchers and startups under the industry-academia collaboration thrust. Technologies developed in the Universities, research labs and scientific institutions across the country need to bring useful contribution to the economy through industry adoption and exploitation. Technology Transfer is a means of strengthening the idea of Aatmanirbhar Bharat  wherein indigenous technologies are adopted by the industry to serve local and global needs.

KIIT TBI is well known for its proactive efforts to nurture the innovation eco-system in the Eastern and the North Eastern regions of the country. In establishing this TTO, the aim is to strengthen this ecosystem with the Indian industry adopting the technologies coming out of these regions for the welfare of the people of these regions in particular, and for the country, in general. KIIT TBI TTO office functions in a collaboratively harmonious way with industry and innovators, brings them together, and brings out the best technologies for improving the lives of people and boosting local and national economy.

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