Training Programs Conducted

Intellectual Property Rights to Protect Innovations

Speaker: Regional Manager and Head, NRDC IPFC and TISC, Govt of India, Innovation Valley, Vishakhapatnam

Date: 16.05.2020 | Time: 11am-1pm

No. of Participants: 74

Topics covered:

  • Fundamentals of Intellectual property rights
  • Importance of IP
  • Patent Filing
  • Case studies on patent infringement

Conducting and analyzing patent prior art searches

Speaker: Dr. Lipika Sahoo, Founder & CEO, Lifeintelect Consultancy

Date: 11.06.2020 | Time: 10:30am- 12:30pm

No. of Participants: 45

Topics covered:

  • Fundamentals of Patent Prior Art Search
  • Benefits of Conducting a Prior Art search
  • Priority Claims: Scope of Protection and search
  • Overview on Patent databases and search methodologies

Regulatory issues in clinical studies of Drugs, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Speaker: Dr. Ravindra Ghooi, Director of Scientia Clinical Services

Date: 23.07.2020 | Time: 3pm- 5pm

No. of Participants: 67

Topics covered:

  • Basic regulatory laws, acts and rules
  • Clinical trials for drugs and medical devices
  • Regulation timelines and definitions
  • Evaluation pattern by the ethical committee

Invention disclosures - Intellectual Property Rights

Speaker: Dr. Asutosh Nanda, Founder FastPat

Date: 12.08.2020 | Time: 11:30am – 1:30pm

No. of Participants: 59

Topics covered:

  • Guide to Invention Disclosure Form
  • When to file a disclosure
  • How to File an Invention Disclosure
  • What to Expect after Disclosing

A breakdown of the IP application process & FTO

Speaker: Dr. Lipika Sahoo, Founder & CEO Lifeintelect Consultancy

Date: 24.08.2020 | Time: 2 pm – 4 pm

No. of Participants: 71

Topics covered:

  • Fundamentals of IP and its importance
  • Anatomy of the patent application process
  • Basic understanding of FTO search
  • Patent laws and Infringements

Webinars Conducted

Bio Agriculture in India - Industry perspective on sustainable Agriculture

Speaker: Mr. Dhananjay Edakhe

Sr. VP – Sales & Marketing – Agro Zydex Industries

24th April | 11am-1pm

No. of Participants: 43

Topics covered:

  • How unique is Indian Agriculture / variety of crops cultivated across India?
  • What are major challenges currently faced by Indian farmers related to soil health, in general?
  • How do we overcome the serious challenge of enhancing food production using sustainable farming?
  • How can farmers cut down usage of chemical fertilizers?
  • What technologies are the need of the hour and how do we make them reach the farmers?

Bringing bio-innovations to the market: key challenges and how to overcome them

Speaker: Dr. Ashish Ganguly

Sr Principal Scientist, CSIR-IMTech, Chandigarh and Prof at AcSIR, India

12th May | 11am-1pm

No. of Participants: 57

Topics covered:

  • What are major challenges currently faced by innovators in growing their business?
  • How to overcome these serious challenges?
  • Scope of research and business using Biotechnology?
  • How to develop technologies that matter and bring them to the world?
  • How can startups / innovators leverage their strengths to increase their income?

Technology Transfer and its challenges: case studies

Speaker: Mr. Bijay Kumar Sahu

Regional Manager and Head, NRDC IPFC and TISC, Govt of India, Innovation Valley, Vishakhapatnam

19th May | 11am-1pm

No. of Participants: 62

Topics covered:

  • How do you monetize your IP?
  • How to write your claims while filing your patent for potential Tech Transfer.
  • How to work with industry to facilitate Tech Transfer.
  • How to generate interest in industry partners to choose your Technology.
  • What to take care in licensing terms for your own continued research and development.

Connecting the ecosystems: Connecting Seeds with Needs

Speaker: Dr. Satya Tapas

Founder at Cocoter Natural Drinks Pvt Ltd

Founder Director at SciDogma Research

27th May | 11am-1pm

No. of Participants: 49

Topics covered:

  • How can the Climate Change be fought on the ground by farmers?
  • Why is commercial perspective (Technology Commercialization) of any Change important to sustain that change?
  • How to start Social Entrepreneurship on an idea that is not patented?
  • Can Social Entrepreneurship bring money to the Entrepreneur as well as the beneficiaries?
  • Challenges of Social Entrepreneurship in India and how to overcome them

Opportunities and challenges in translational research – its relevance to India of tomorrow

Speaker: Prof. V Ramgopal Rao

Director, IIT Delhi

9th June | 11am-1pm

No. of Participants: 67

Topics covered:

  • What mindset is required to carry out the translational research?
  • How to see opportunities for translational research?
  • Translational Research: opportunities in India for India
  • Why translational research teams are mostly multi-disciplinary and why is it important?
  • When can the technology from Translational research be licensed to industry or a startup?

Technology Commercialization from Universities: Case Studies

Date: 18th December, 2021

Time: 12.00PM – 13.15PM

Speaker : Mr. Rajneesh Kumar

Technology Transfer Officer, BITS Pilani

Essentials of Tech Transfer - Academia Perspective

Date: 28th December, 2021

Time: 11.00AM – 12.30PM

Speaker : Dr. Yogeshwar Rao D

Visiting Professor, University of Hyderabad, Former Adviser, O/o PSA to GoI and former Head, Technology Networking and Business Development Division, CSIR