Patent Search

As a service to the researchers, the TTO conducts patent search using various tools available in-house.

TTO staff can assist you within any questions you may have about the patent search. Usually it is beneficial to do a patent search before you start your research project to find out if the relevant technologies have already been developed by researchers in India or worldwide. It helps to use the patents for identifying the gap area in the research as well.

Moreover, a patent filing application requires a prior art search to be conducted and documented in the application. So it makes sense to conduct a patent search before and during the research work to detail out the areas where your invention could still hold meaning as a new patent that can be granted.

If you find patents/patent applications that are similar or potentially related to an invention you are developing you should disclose this to our office when you submit an invention disclosure form.

A few websites allow you to conduct your own patent search. You may use the following links to conduct your patent search:

A patent search exclusively meant for COVID related inventions can be conducted at: